Remote Support

Gatenby Services' Remote Support services offers a simple and quick solution to many software problems. There is no need to take your computer to a service centre or have a visit by a computer technician. All you need is a working internet connection and our custom Remote Support software.

Here are some of the common software faults fixed by our qualified software support technicians:

Remote Support is charged from £60 + VAT per hour and is billed in 15 minute segments. There is no 'call out' fee.

The setup cost is per company/site and is £129 + VAT and includes 1 hours worth of support (4 credits). If you would like further information with regard to the Remote Support please do not hesitate to contact us on 01749 685151.

Click here to download the Remote Support Software.

You will need to setup a Support Account, Contact us for more information.

How Does It Work ?


The Remote Support software is a simple way for you to request support for your PC at anytime. Just click the icon, enter your name and a brief description of the problem and click connect. The request is received by one of our technicians who will then have control of your PC as if he/she where sat in front of it.


The Remote Support session is encrypted with a 128bit key giving you peace of mind that no one other than you and the Remote Support technician has access to your PC and its data.

At any time you can cancel the support session by clicking the cancel button, this will instantly disconnect the technician.

All our Remote Support technicians are security checked and audited to ensure that they can be trusted with your PC and its contents. At your request a full log including screen capture of the session can be emailed to you once the session is finished.


The Remote Support software is currently only available for PCs running Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Server Windows 2008/2012. A future version will support MAC OS X 10.x.

Remote Support Rates

Setup Costs

Regardless of the number of installations of the Remote Support software in your company you only pay once the set up cost of £129 and this includes 1 hours worth of credits (4 credits) support.

Support Costs

Remote Support is charged from £60 + VAT per hour and is billed in 15 minute segments. An invoice will be issued on the closure of an incident.